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Jackass Mountain Ranch welcomes you to come visit and see the horses firsthand. We offer young stock that is of very high quality with good temperament and manners. We offer our colts gelded or not. Mares foal in the spring between February and May and the foals are weaned in late fall. They live in a very natural setting as a herd where they learn correct social behavior.

Jackass Mountain Ranch also breeds Welsh mares to the Spanish stallions for an 'IBERIAN PONY'. The oldest now are of three years and are proving to be a very lovely pony, with a great disposition and beautiful movement and conformation. They will be adaptable to any discipline. Their size is averaging between 13.1 and 14.2 hands.


Jackass Mountain Ranch is located in southeastern Washington in a semi-desert region – well known as an agricultural area and with a good climate for livestock. We grow many acres of sweet cherries and other field crops. We are a family run operation and so far, all are involved in one way or another.

As a horse aficionada, (this must be a technical term for some sort of horse addiction) I love these horses with their obvious interest of interaction with humans, their noble beauty, and the culture and customs that come with them. I am drawn to Flamenco music, the horse tack, the horsemanship del campo, (country) the working horses with the cattle and the flavor of Spain.

These horses are very agreeable, wanting to please us. As a rider I try to breed the most functional horses with great movement and produce a horse that says, "Ride me". These horses are well suited to doma classica (dressage), western riding, trail and pleasure, doma vaquera, (cattle work) and also are known to be good jumpers.

We invite you to come look at our horses. We feel they have a physical and mental advantage by spending their early years in a natural herd environment that that gives much room to play and socialize, also with better muscle and substance development. They do not enjoy a pampered life and do not have a custom feeding plan. Young horses are not handled more than the necessary health care.

Jackass Mt. Ranch | 660 Dogwood Road | Pasco, WA 99301 | Phone: (509) 266-4226 | ami@jackassmtranch.com